AWA Enerji performs wholesale and retail electricity energy sales in the electricity market under the ” Tedarik Lisansı ” obtained from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

We provide electricity supply to AWA Energy, industrial, business and corporate customers at the most affordable costs by conducting consumption analyzes prepared by our expert team.

Today, all of the electricity trade is carried out through EPİAŞ (Enerji Piyasaları İşletme A.Ş.). In this direction, we offer our customers a stable and reliable service with different offer options. At the same time, we provide consultancy to our customers, thanks to the analysis and reports we have made to make consumption plans. In addition to its domestic operations,

AWA Energy also continues to import and export electricity with neighboring countries.


As AWA ENERJİ, it carries out wholesale and retail natural gas sales activities under the ” Toptan Satış Lisansı ” obtained from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

AWA ENERJİ provides natural gas supply at the most affordable costs by offering customized solutions to our business and corporate customers. We are not just a supply company with the consultancy it provides to its customers.

We take an active role in the Organized Wholesale Natural Gas Sales Market, which is expected to be effective in market development and increase in volumes after it has been started to be operated by EPİAŞ. We enable our customers to make the right choice with our different price offers, whether we buy gas from the spot market or through bilateral agreements.


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