Power across the borders


In eight countries; in markets, day ahead, daytime and balancing power markets.

Physical & Financial Settlement

  • Daily to Yearly
  • Baseload, peak and off-peak
  • Short-term and Forward trading

Our affiliates, with operations in 8 countries, Italy and Hungary in the West, we are connecting Turkey and Georgia in the East. Our global presence in the wholesale energy markets enables us to create countless synergies by leveraging our extensive market expertise, highly qualified trade staff and efficient organization and business processes maintained to the highest standards.

As a leading player in short-term energy trading and cross-border energy trading, AWA Enerji uses its unrivaled market presence to seize opportunities and bring electricity to the highest-yielding markets. As a link between liquid and illiquid markets, AWA also offers you the option to trade non-standardized products on customized conditions.

We optimize energy production and supply and reduce risk management costs. We also support energy producers, suppliers and consumers to navigate volatile electricity markets.In addition, we are active for you as a portfolio manager or trading partner in all relevant physical and financial electricity markets.

As a private energy trading company, we bring competitiveness, liquidity and transparency to wholesale energy markets, and create added value across the entire energy value chain by taking advantage of the optimization opportunities developed from our global portfolio. We provide our partners with flexible services and structured products tailored to their needs, equipping them to manage risks

About Our Busines

Where we trade Power?

Operating in 8 countries with subsidiaries, we connect Italy in the West, to Georgia and Turkey in the East. We aim to bring energy from where it is in surplus, to where it is needed most.

How we trade Power?

In eight countries; in markets, day ahead, day time and balancing power markets. With our flexible access to European wholesale markets, we guarantee you a reliable power supply.

What we offer with trading Power?

  • Physical & Financial settlement
  • Baseload, peak and off-peak
  • Short-term and Long-term trading
  • From Yearly to Daily Contracts

Supply Solutions

Thanks to our comprohensive portfolio, we can offer you flexibility with which you can balance short-term and long-term electricity surpluses or shortages flexibly and cost-effectively. Our energy traders utilise these dynamics and minimise your risks on all energy markets.

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